Tedium has set in. There’s nothing exciting about this. But hunger isn’t exciting. And doesn’t appear to be noteworthy either. As I write my blog I want to add links which will further the information about why this is important – but there’s not a lot new.

The world is understandably focused on the H1N1 threat. As of today, 658 deaths have been confirmed by the WHO. Because it affects us directly, we are focused on it.

But don’t all lives have the same value? According to the Washington Post, Darfur’s Real Death Toll, April 24 2005, civilians are dying at a rate of 15,000 A MONTH. And this report is 4 years old! Dying hasn’t died out. And now with 16 aid agencies ejected by President Omar al-Bashir in March 2009, the dying escalates.

So I’m thinking this is about becoming noteworthy, and dare I suggest, newsworthy. Not eating for 6 or 7 days is not a big deal. (I always say this relative to what those for whom we fast are facing).

So I’ll continue without doubt that this matters. But I’m the voice of one. Together, we can create something greater than our individual voices.

What can you do? Educate yourself. Become outraged that we are letting people die and are not spending resources to STOP A GENOCIDE. Go to SaveDarfur.org or FastDarfur.org to read more. And don’t become discouraged. We can make a difference. But it’s going to take a lot of time.

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