Today’s blog is inspired by my friend and fellow coach, Nancy Grant. She joined me on this fast 5 days ago and is going strong! As you know, the purpose of this fast is to raise awareness. And that is happening. More action is necessary but I want to tell you a story of a child whose heart was touched by Nancy.

A 9 year old little girl named… I JUST FORGOT – THAT’S THE EFFECT OF THE FAST!… Let’s call her Tasha, called Nancy and said she heard about what she was doing and told her she was not going to eat for one day and then take the money that would have been spent for food and send it to Darfur. ( is a great organization to support). 9 years old. And she gets it. Do I? I’ve given money in the past, and now I’m fasting, but it occurs to me that like my little friend known as Tasha that I should do both at once.

So for every day I fast, I’ll donate $15. Somedays more than I eat, but many days less if I go out. And it’s symbolic of my belief that I must do more. In 21 days, that will be $315. Many of you ask me what you can do: consider donating the cost of a meal, or a day’s worth of meals…or more.

WHEN, not if, humanitarian organizations are allowed to reenter Darfur and the Sudan, the demand will be crushing. And our response must be massive.

I’m physically feeling fine. A bit of a headache at times (I inhale a bit of peppermint oil). If I do feel badly, I can just lie down for a bit. But even when I do, I can’t help but think of the woman in Darfur who hasn’t eaten in days and has no luxury of laying down. And then I’m renewed in my decision to continue.

I am working as a coach and speaker during this time. I do not lead a life that allows me to take 3 weeks off. I become more resolved in what I must do, what leaders must do, how we cannot compromise our beliefs in life or business because it is difficult or challenging…we barely know challenge. We are affected by those around us, by our personal choices and decisions. I am affected by my work in Rwanda with the Itafari Foundation and know that I must do more. And that comes from a place of strength not pity.

Almost a quarter of the way through this fast. For me. But not the people of Darfur.

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Victoria Trabosh

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