It is so good that people are worried about me. But there is nothing to worry about. I feel good – especially compared to the last couple of days. I had a busy day and had to drive to Eugene (90 miles away) and forgot my water. Got to the meeting and had water about an hour later. So, maybe 3 hours without anything to drink. Drank a normal bottle of water (normal here: clean, fresh, filtered) and then met for a few more hours and didn’t get any more water until about 8:30pm. It’s nothing compared to what I’ve seen in Rwanda (and WITHOUT a genocide – a very peaceful country now) and the pictures I see in Darfur.

To everyone who worries about healthy Americans not eating for a few days: thank you for your concern. But share my concern for those who have no choice. No clean water – no food – and no resources to repair the problem.

I’ve never felt so determined on a fast before. But I’ve never fasted for a more important issue. On the website for 70 people are shown fasting in solidarity with Mia Farrow and friends today. And Fasting Without Option, the gentle reminder of 4.7 million more.

I have supported the Save Darfur organization in the past. Here’s a short video reminder of the voice we must be for those who cannot speak for themselves: Voices from Darfur: the genocide continues

What more can you do? Become educated, become empathetic, become involved. Go and donate. Write to your leaders and tell them no more genocide. We must act. We must not turn our back because it’s too painful to look.

OK, you may still need more information. I found this ‘game’ Darfur is Dying – it’s a viral video game for change that provide a window into the experience of the 2.5 million refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan. Players must keep their refugee camp functioning in the face of possible attach by Janjaweed militias. You will learn from this simple game how next to impossible it is to stay alive. Play the game – it’s amazing.

As for me, a little water and off to bed. Not a difficult sacrifice at all.

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