Day 2. By the end of today we’ll be 10% completed in this action. I have a headache (slight but there) and I feel this fast. And that’s the point. In the past, I’ve tried to distract myself. Not this time. A couple of times yesterday when I was feeling hungry I just watched YouTube videos on Darfur. And I know this must continue.

1972 I was in Jr. High School. The Vietnam War was raging. I was aware but not informed. A friend of mine, Molly, announced she was going to fast every Wednesday until the war was over. I couldn’t believe it! Very nice – very serious – but unlike me and my other friends, she cared about the world outside of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

She wore a P.O.W. bracelet to stand with the anonymous family whose loved one was a prisoner of war. And she fasted. Every Wednesday. I’d sit with her and have my lunch, and she would fast.

I don’t remember her making a big deal about it – it was who she was, not what she was doing. But she knew that doing her part, mattered.

I’ve not thought of her in decades. But she came to mind as I began to fast yesterday. And so it is those moments, possibly decades ago, that will inspire us and remind us that we’re not the first to care, not the first to protest, not the first to be so outraged at how human beings can treat, mistreat, or ignore their fellow man and woman.

The Darfur Genocide: A Present Reality  Watch this on YouTube. I will watch this and other videos whenever I’m ‘hungry’. I’m hungrier for change, for WORLD PEACE, for love and kindness than food.

What does this have to do with my coaching business? Everything. I will walk my talk of changing the world. Whether it’s in a business, a life, a country. It is all the same. Because when I’m gone, I want to be remembered for my action, not just my mere grief.

Read Mia Farrow’s interview

And keep believing like Molly that what each of us does, matters.

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Victoria Trabosh

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