My fast is quickly coming to a close. It didn’t feel like that 19 days ago – but my “sacrifice” is only for 3 weeks. It is truly nothing compared to what those who live day in and day out without food face. In fact in some ways it feels like a mockery of what they endure. I have no idea what it’s like not to have food to eat or water to drink. My denial of food has been very intellectual in the physical sense. While I’ve eaten nothing in 19 days, it’s only 19 days. (that STARVING feeling we often feel when we haven’t eaten for hours – is not starvation at all – it’s hunger). When you fast, you lose hunger pangs. You’re just empty. And in this society, that’s not a bad thing at all.

So I’m empty. But only of food. Not of hope or focus or frustration. I’m full of all of those. The frustration is obviously with how little attention the media has given this issue. I mean this sincerely: shame on the media for not taking up this issue with more interest and care. I know there are sexier issues, but this ranks at the top of any list. And the list is tucked away to be replaced with celebrities, politics, and posturing. It’s so embarrassing to be part of a nation that will not keep its promises to those who have no ability to get help without the world’s focus.

So I continue – with more than a little bit of frustration. Note: right now: biggest trending topic on Twitter? Star Trek.

Monday in Portland, an event called CAMP DARFUR will be happening. I’ll be there in both the Rwanda tent and then in the Darfur tent. To answer questions, to tell what I know of what Rwanda looks like as a country whose genocide was ignored. And to bring encouragement that what each of us can do to make a difference. Hope to see you there.

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