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Inspire Me Today LuminaryIf I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I’ve learned so far in life, these are the important things I’d want to pass along to others…

Do not wait to be extraordinary before you accomplish the extraordinary. The greatest lessons and wisdom that we receive in our lives can often come from those who did not know we were watching and listening.

An elderly woman born in the late 1890s who was blind and in her 90s when I met her, told me that she understood what I was going through in my marriage because she had gone through the same 70 years prior. My mother, who shared her wisdom with me until the day she died never knew that her wisdom would live on long beyond my memory of her beautiful face. The women in Rwanda that I am privileged to know believe with all their heart and mind their past will not be their future. My mentor, a wise older man who asked me why would I want more than I have, when I have so much more than most of the world could ever dream?

These are just some of voices that remind me of the wisdom that is within me.

I believe that the only time we struggle is when we forget the words, wisdom, and the voices of those who have cared enough to share their wisdom with us. Our duty, our responsibility, is to take that wisdom to the next level and use it in a way that those who shared it with us could only imagine that it could matter.

I do not believe that any human being is extraordinary. But I believe and witness daily the ability to accomplish the extraordinary that lies within us all. We each choose how our circumstances will affect us. The greatness of a moment happens when we separate ourselves from our circumstances and see the moment for what it truly is: joy, loss, lesson, learning, failure, and truth. Imagine knowing you are exactly where you need to be with no apologies of where you’ve come from or where you want to go.

Joy may come in the morning, but Greatness comes in the moment. What is extraordinary to me is catching and riding the wave of the moment. It is those moments when we are truly alive, when we truly understand the wisdom that lies within us all, that we are able to accomplish the extraordinary for ourselves, and those whom we influence.

From Victoria Trabosh on March 8, 2013

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Victoria Trabosh

Since 2003, I have leveraged my 40-year business career and life experience into a role as an executive coach and international speaker, author and columnist. Practicing what I preach, I have been my own agent of change during my career. It has sparked in me a passion for helping others change as well. In fact, I’ve committed my life to it.

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