Lesson #2 (1 through 10) 2010

What good can come from McDonald’s? Does anyone YOU KNOW ever win those contests?!

Not that I don’t try, but I’m always skeptical. Recently, I went to McDonald’s for a quick meal. And no one does it quicker than McDonald’s. I know better than to eat those sandwiches but my judgment to get a salad was swayed by the TASTE THE GLORY contest going on this past June/July during the World Cup.

Bought the Big Mac – enjoyed it tremendously (read my previous Part 1 of this blog if you’re horrified and repulsed). But truly bought it because of the contest. I’ve never won anything at McDonald’s but my reasoning told me that it didn’t mean I couldn’t win in the future!

I peeled the little ‘Taste the Glory’ sticker off and texted the required information. And received the most amazing text back: YOU WON A 32 INCH FLAT SCREEN TV.

Wonderful – but then began the difficulty. I couldn’t register on my Blackberry. And when I returned to my office, I again wasn’t allowed to register.

I called McDonald’s 3 times over 2 weeks – always receiving the promise the technical department would get back to me. It didn’t happen. So I decided to test the power of social media.

As painful as it was to turn on a company that had given me one of the best business lessons I’ve ever received (see part 1) I was furious.

And so I tweeted: @McDonalds we do it all for you? (NOT) – nothing from your support team about my Sony TV win.& I thought just the fat content was bad!

A few of those types of messages (find me on Twitter @vhtrabosh) and @Kty_McD showed up offering to help. She was an intern at McDonald’s and said she’d find me someone to solve my problem.

Janice from McDonald’s marketing group called. And she walked me through the process. I was told the TV would be shipped in 4-6 weeks.

Two weeks ago, a 32″ Sony Flat Screen TV showed up at our home.

So what are the TOP 10 pieces of wisdom from this story (by way of some of their slogans through the years)?

1. 1992: What you get is what you want: Social media can be a powerful tool which can get you results.
2. 1976: You, you’re the one: @Kty_McD is a terrific addition to McDonald’s.
3. 1990: Food, folks and fun: People do win these contests and you could be the one to win it.
4. 1984: It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonald’s: Eating at McDonald’s is not a bad thing – in fact, it’s quite tasty and beneficial.
5. 1990: McDonald’s – It can happen: Don’t give up if at first it appears you can’t win – do everything in your power and then choose to walk away if you can’t succeed.
6. 2000: We love to make you smile: Great customer service always makes a difference.
7. 1975: We do it all for you: Interns sometimes have a greater passion than the suits – and we can all learn from dedicated employees, no matter their status in the company.
8. 2003: I’m lovin’ it: If you succeed in a tough situation, make sure you share the good news as readily as you did the bad.
9. 1975: We do it all for you: McDonald’s is a great company. They’ve survived through bad press, poor decisions, complicated contests and underlying it all, must have had strong leadership at the top. Every great company goes through tough times – but great companies never stop trying.
10. 2007: Things that make you go ‘mmm’: McDonald’s is a company that I’d like to know more about. I would enjoy coaching leaders in this company.

Never give up on your dreams. Obstacles can be overcome. And be appropriately appreciative of the people that help you along the way.

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