No, I cannot tell you what came over me. But I can tell you I was scrolling through Twitter this morning and contemplating a Starbucks non fat peppermint latte and began to write a poem on twitter. I still don’t know why – except that it amused me. And 14 tweets later (at < 140 characters each) I composed the following.

It’s not all work – every day. Sometimes, it’s just about a little joy. Merry Christmas to all – and may your holidays be merry and bright! (BONUS: John enjoyed poem as I was composing and tweeting from bed so much he went out and got my nonfat peppermint latte!)

The Day Before the Day Before Christmas by @vhtrabosh

It was the day before the day before Christmas and all through the home – it was time to start stirring- now where is my comb?

The stockings were hung, my gifts mostly wrapped. Does John need a leather jacket?! No, he’ll say ‘take it back!’

The cats are still sleeping, I’ve got a lot to do. But first I think I need a Starbucks non fat peppermint latte (wouldn’t you?)

So off I head in my car, John still asleep, I see the strangest thing and shout “what the bleep?!”

There’s Santa in the ditch, his sleigh upside down. No one’s even stopping! No reindeers around!

I pull on over “Santa, why so blue?” He glances sadly at me, and says “oh, @vhtrabosh, it’s you”

“Do you notice no one tweets of me? That Santa’s not topic hot? No one remembers I come back every year whether they speak of me or not?!”

As an executive coach I knew right away-Santa’s having a crisis of confidence-so what do I say?

“Santa, not everyone remembers to thank those who do good – to tweet about happiness and joy as they should”

“Christmas Eve is tomorrow- there’s still time to spare. So quit feelin’ sorry for yourself and get up in the air!”

As magic would have it, the reindeer appeared! They righted the sleigh, Santa combed out his beard!

He looked at me fondly-said, “you’re just the best- here’s a Starbucks gift card- thanks for letting me get that off my chest!”

As I watched him take off I knew he’d be fine, but it’s important to tweet about him at Christmas time.

I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight: “Happy Tweetmas to all – it’s gonna be alright!”

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