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Executive Coach, Victoria Trabosh, has learned that initial enthusiasm when setting goals often disappears. The initial energy peters out, and when you lose passion for meeting a goal, you start missing important steps, commitments, and are at risk for failing to reach success. Holidays are a risky time and easy opportunity to rationalize changing course when trying to meet diet, health, financial or exercise goals. As we get ready for the traditional New Year Resolution goals here are some common pitfalls and strategies to stay on course.

Slip and Slide

Example: If our strategy is to meet the goal of “getting in shape” by exercising every morning so that we will be at our target by Jan. 15, we start to rationalize that we can miss 2 days a week and work twice as hard during our workouts. The risk here is that changing the plan to unrealistic timelines and routines can discourage us and make it easier to give up, claiming that it is just too hard. If you change your original strategy you Must Adjust your Timeline or the goal becomes unrealistic.

Gung Ho Turns to Ho Hum

At first everyone is infused with enthusiasm and passion for meeting their goal. The end result is that carrot at the end of the stick we can’t wait to reach, and that is what most people focus on. Unfortunately that carrot starts to look smaller and smaller and further away as time goes on. Instead of focusing on the end goal, it is essential to focus on making the Process fun, infuse the goal setting plan with Baby Steps, keep it interesting, challenging, and passion filled. The saying “It’s the journey, not the destination” is essential for keeping the energy level high. Tip: Stay in the moment, don’t project and start to focus on How Long This Is Going To Take. Find ways to enjoy the path along the way. Include a friend in your goal’s daily steps, find a mentor or coach. Keep a journal of your progress.

But No One will Notice If I cheat

Another great excuse for giving up or going sideways on your goal is to think no one is watching. It is easier to give up if your goal is a secret. Share your plans and strategies with someone else. Reach out to a confidant when you lose enthusiasm. Write it down and look at it frequently. Caution: Make sure you don’t chose an enabler! Enablers are a “Misery Loves Company” type of person who finds comfort in other people failing to justify their own weaknesses.

But it’s the Holidays!

The holidays are the perfect excuse to get off track. We are busier, have more obligations, and have many more temptations than the rest of the year to cheat on our goals whether they are financial or physical. Here is the best coaching tip! It is OK to fall off the wagon. Just don’t stay there. One day of messing up on your plan will not kill the deal. Get right back to the plan the next day and you will see that you have not lost grounds. It is the slow slipping and regular side stepping that causes you to lose momentum. Vicky’s 10 year old granddaughter says: Find a Way. She has illustrated it and that has become their family motto. Find a Way!

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