Note: I’ll be on blogtalk radio with Kisha on Monday April 12th, 11am EST. Click here for more details.…but in the meantime, see below…

Given an opportunity, would you choose to change lives? Do you believe it’s a function of what you have or what’s available to you? Or will you charge ahead because nothing can stop you?

I interviewed Kisha Mays by phone Thursday and left the conversation inspired and determined to support her in her work of empowering women – because I will not miss an opportunity to support another woman who is focused and smart.

Kisha is in her late 20’s with the wisdom of a much older woman. Her wisdom is evident in her actions, her focus and her determination to make a HUGE difference in the world.

I would have had the opportunity to meet her in person but the Women Empowering Women Summit she scheduled for March 27th (TODAY) couldn’t get legs in Portland. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?? (our loss, as my dearly departed Mother would say…)

With no anger, but some frustration, she and I talked about the fact that her successful summit, which she has held for the last three years in NYC with support and huge success, couldn’t find press or anyone to pick it up in the FIRST stop in Portland of a national tour of her great summit.

It wasn’t a matter of price $29.95 for the basic ticket up to $79.95 for the VIP Summit Admission. She’s well organized and supportive of local charities. (25% of all ticket sales in Portland would have benefited a local charity).

Topics ranging from “What’s your WOW Factor” to “How to Get Debt Free and Build Your Financial Wealth”, local selection of a Shero and excellent networking opportunities. It looked excellent.

But as we all know, you can’t put on these events on a wing and a prayer and your swarthy good looks…(well, at least I can’t!!)

We must know when empowerment is available and then support it, even if it’s not OUR program.

Look at this great site: and ask yourself: how can I become more empowered? If you’re in the following cities don’t miss YOUR opportunity: SAN DIEGO – OMAHA – KANSAS CITY – CINCINATI – SAN ANTONIO – TULSA – SEATTLE – MINNEAPOLIS – SAVANNAH – INDIANAPOLIS – TAMPA…your opportunity is coming.

Kisha is inspired by her grandmother and mother. Two women who remind her that anything is possible. She overcomes obstacles, sees the vision of what is possible, separates business from personal, seeks balance in her life, takes action, walks her faith and her talk, and knows she is called to greatness.

There is no pride in her journey – but fierce determination and joy that she can change lives.

Opportunity can be found or lost. May this quote by Hazel Lee not be you:

“I held a moment in my hand, brilliant as a star, fragile as a flower, a tiny sliver of one hour. I dripped it carelessly, Ah! I didn’t know, I held opportunity.”

Be a man or a woman who focuses on opportunity. Who steps into their own greatness. And one who is confident enough to surround yourself with women and men who challenge you and make you want to be a better person.

Attend this excellent summit – Be fearless and take the best from an opportunity when it arises.

Follow Kisha Mays on Twitter @KishaMays: become a FAN of Women Empowering Women on Facebook and if you have an opportunity to attend one of the Summits, don’t miss it.

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