What if you could change a child’s life and the lives of their family for generations to come?


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~ Nelson Mandela


Though the Itafari Foundation closed in 2016, I continue to be inspired by the Rwandan people, their resiliency, and their hope for a better life for their children. My work in Rwanda continues through KCF. Join me on August 15th as I do good and serve as host for the KCF Gala!



Join us for an evening of doing good.

Have a chance to meet the students whose lives have been changed, purchase the beautiful handmade goods form Rwanda and donate to create more hope and opportunity or students!

Would you like to help out but cannot attend the event please donate here.




Be inspired as you do good! Join us for a celebratory evening of Rwandan story and dance highlighting the achievements of the nearly 50 Rwandan students sponsored continuously by the foundation since 2007! Don’t miss this event Buy tickets now!

To learn more about the amazing work of the Kittelson Charitable Foundation visit http://www.kittelsongala.org


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