Our interview today with Marina Spence on Smart Women Talk Radio reminds me of the power of being centered and loving what you do.

Lucky me: I’ve always loved my work except for one brief stint as a night auditor in a motel in Ft. Wayne IN in 1981. I lasted three days.

I remember coming home at 8am after the 2nd day and sitting dumbfounded at the kitchen table while Dead Rita was just leaving for work. I must have looked like death because she wanted to know what was wrong with me. I told her, “Oh my god mother. This motel is horrible. I’m there alone all night. Some guy who says he wrote the “meow meow meow ETC” jingle is hanging around the front desk. When the auditor who was leaving was training me, a swarm of flying ants hatched in the overhead light and started falling on me. The owner is a sleaze ball who I know is going to show up some night at 3am and start harassing me. And you can’t BELIEVE what businessmen say to me when I call them at 6am for their morning wake-up call!!!!”

She laughed and headed off to work. And I knew I’d figure out a better way to make money while getting my degree in accounting. But lucky me. It only lasted three days.

If you can relate to my story of woe, but three days would feel luxurious compared to the hard time you’ve done, you’ll love our interview with Marina today.

Make Every Day a Friday The Joy of connection who you are with what you do 

Marina defines making every day a Friday as loving what you do, working from a place of passion and purpose and being your best because you are in love with what you do.

Besides doing the excellent exercises Marina uses in her book, she described three keys to changing to a career you love that should be done for the greatest success of a change.

  1. Meditation – meditation gives us the opportunity to recharge and reassess what we truly want. Greatness lies within – as do the answers.
  2. Be in the present moment – all the great religions of the world teach this – it is in the moment where we find the opportunity and the lesson – where we hear what we are really saying to ourselves.
  3. Intuition – what if we followed our intuition? If we knew that we know what we know? Intuition will lead us through the process of identifying what we know brings us joy and happiness.

Marina’s Smart Tip was that slowing down allows us to see what’s important. Slowing down allows us to have clarity, find the essence of what we want and be more productive.

To read more about Marina’s great solution of how you can connect with your joy and learn how to add the value of meditation to your life, go to her websites: www.makeeverydayafriday.com (where you can get 10 caffeine-free ways to boost your energy at work) and www.shemeditates.com to learn how to make meditation an important part of your daily practice.

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