In my work in Rwanda one the most devastating issues is ignorance.

Not by the Rwandan people, but of the world and its view of what is going on in East/Central Africa.

I go to Rwanda because this country chooses not to be identified by its genocide but by the strength and resilience of its people. The foundation I co-founded, Itafari focuses on partnerships with local Rwandan organizations that have hopes and dreams for themselves and their people. What better way to make a difference than to work with those in country who are transparent, ethical and passionate. It is good work.

But there is a grave issue that is not changing just north of Rwanda. A personal concern of mine has been Darfur in western Sudan and the genocide and atrocities taking place in that country. The world must not turn its back. This is not an African problem, but a human right’s atrocity.

Mia Farrow has been an outspoken advocate for ending the violence and atrocities committed against women, children and all people in the Darfur region.

Prior to the Beijing Olympics, she tried to call attention to the part China was playing in the genocide through their support of weapons to the janjaweed (the Rwandan equivalent of the 1994 genocidaires). She called it the Genocide Olympics. If you find that deeply offensive, you’ve not seen the results of a genocide to the survivors, the families, the victims. It is indescribable the pain they bear. And often because the world chooses to turn its back. Politics appeared to eclipse human rights issues and again: Darfur was ignored.

Farrow’s latest action is to fast for 21 days beginning April 27th. I have decided to fast as well. So join me, support me through messages and learn why increased action is necessary.

Do you think 21 days sounds like a long time? It’s not, because in 21 days the fast will be over. If we don’t do something to support the victims of Darfur, it will be another 21 years.

The Darfur Genocide: A Present Reality

A Ten Minute Overview of the conflict in Sudan:

We can do more.

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