For the last 30 years I’ve read a daily devotional called God Calling. It was written in the 1930s by two women who remained anonymous. Their claim is that God gave them messages for each day. Their lives were very difficult but they found truth and wisdom in the messages they received.  And it became the book, God Calling. The two women said Always, and this daily, He insisted that we should be channels of Love, Joy and Laughter in His broken world. This was the Man of Sorrows in a new aspect.

My paperback of this book is so well worn it is in pieces. But its very beauty is that I have turned to it again and again and it always has the right message.

Last Thursday, February 13th I was growing a bit weary over some of the goals I had set for myself. A bit discouraged  And then I thought, “I wonder what God Calling has to say today.”

And the message began like this:

“In a race it is not the start that hurts, not even the pace of the long stretch. It is when the goal is in sight that heart and nerves and courage and muscles are strained almost beyond human endurance, almost to the breaking point.

So with you now the goal is in sight, you need your final cry to Me. Can you not see by the nerve and heart rack of the past few days that your race is nearly run? Courage, courage. Heed My voice of encouragement. Remember that I am by your side, spurring you on to victory.”

How often do we set our goals only to fail near the end, and never know the glory. The message that resonated for me in this was courage – I just needed courage to continue to run my race.

My question to you today is this: what gives you courage? What reminds you of your race and your drive and your determination? Every great person you meet has an answer to this. It may be a daily meditation, a prayer, a saying, a person – who reminds you that your greatness is just ahead and that in today, all you must do is be YOUR best and not stop running the race YOU have chosen.

The races we watch that break our hearts are of those we see that are run well, with brave hearts, who in the sight of the goal, of the victory, have their courage fail. Those of us who observe the race want dearly to cry out how near the end is, and to encourage the runner to continue.

What if instead of being so wise of another’s race, we turn that wisdom and strength to our own race. Have courage. Remember what you started, why you started it, and believe in the beauty of your own dreams as you believe in the beauty of others.

Our guest today, Marci Shimoff knows this secret of staying the course. And in today’s interview you’ll hear about the work she’s doing to help each of us dream big and finish the race. But first she has done the work for herself.

We love having you join us – to be inspired by our guests, and by us as your hosts. Imagine if you applied the lessons you’ll hear today TO your day. What is possible? I believe, it’s anything you dream. Thank you for being a smart woman (or a smart man) who listens to this show and takes the wisdom you need from it. In that, you’ll find the courage to continue to build your biggest dreams.

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