Itafari - Samputu

I am blessed to have amazing people in my life. People who believe in me and what I’m doing. Without their love, support and respect I wouldn’t accomplish much. Because life is about relationships. Working together to create something greater than we ever could have done alone.

Les Sarnoff, KINK radio legend died April 17th after his battle with cancer. He was not only respected by his co-workers and loved by a legion of listeners, he was my friend.

I met him right before I did my first event for Rwanda for World Vision in May 2005. I was struggling to get the message out about this great event. Dan, my brother, listened to my worries and told me he knew Les and would put me in touch with him. It is all about relationships: that call got Les’s attention and I was on the radio live with him within days. He was so excited about the work, he asked if we could talk “live” from Rwanda, which we did the following month. From then on, he cared deeply about my success, the success of the Itafari Foundation, and supported me personally and professionally.

When we were planning a concert in March 2006 I was telling him about it and he said humbly, “Can I come?” And I replied, “Would you MC it??!” He did – and with his on air support, his enthusiasm, and genuine care, we had an amazing event. He was so proud of the job we did – and he made the work of holding the event together effortless.

Itafari - Samputu

I will miss him dearly. He was like another brother who thought I could do anything. And can’t we all accomplish more when people believe in us? I will – and I will remember his support and love of the work we do.

Support people in your life – that no matter how large their dream, they’ll know you believe in them. And you too will call them your true friend.

To Rita and his family, my deepest condolences for your great loss. You shared him with us, and we are greater for knowing him. May God truly comfort you in this time of sorrow.

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