Great show today on Smart Women Talk Radio with Patricia Albere.

Patricia is the founder of the Evolutionary collective a transformational educational institute focused on discovering what’s possible through our connection, relationships, collective consciousness and creativity. Through teachings, talks, web-casts, live & virtual workshops and collaboration with others, The Evolutionary Collective is opening people to a radical shift in perspective, out of self contained consciousness and into the profound inter-connectedness and larger concern for the well-being of the whole. She is also the popular host of Evolutionary Collective Conversations.

What I loved about this interview today is that Patricia, a long time practitioner of the journey of self evolvement doesn’t believe that it’s all about the me, but strives to teach and live the message that it’s about the we, through the me.

Patricia knows and lives the idea that we all want more than learning – we want to contribute together and create a collective field of greatness.

To accomplish this mission, she hosts Evolutionary Collective Conversations which are dynamic online dialogues with today’s top evolutionary leaders.

Beginning August 24th, she will host a nine week virtual seminar program for $397.To read more about this program Accessing the Quantum Field of Relating, go to her website:

Challenge yourself to deepen your relationship with yourself and others. Learn the part you can play in raising the level of consciousness in the world.

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Victoria Trabosh

Victoria Trabosh

Since 2003, I have leveraged my 40-year business career and life experience into a role as an executive coach and international speaker, author and columnist. Practicing what I preach, I have been my own agent of change during my career. It has sparked in me a passion for helping others change as well. In fact, I’ve committed my life to it.

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